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David Eraya

David Eraya started to dream about being onstage at the age of 13 in his hometown of Barcelona, Spain. His family wasn’t convinced at first, and it was up to David to convince them that his dreams were going to become a reality. He began to enter local talent shows and by the age of 16, record companies in Spain began asking David to record cover songs to promote established artists.

David soon realized that he didn’t need to record other people’s music. He had the talent to write his own, and every night he wrote lyrics hoping that he would one day be onstage performing his songs for thousands of people. Inspired by Spanish artists and pop musicians worldwide, David looked toward them to help educate him in the music he loved.

Over the years David has worked with a number of talented producers on Spanish-language albums. For his first album to be released in the U.S.A., he relied on two producers who understood his intentions from the start. Miguel Linde and Noel Pastor Madueno helped bring to life David’s songs on this new album, entitled “Otro Destino“(“Another Destiny” in English.)

The album contains 13 songs that combine various themes, styles, and emotions. From the heartbreak of “Desierto,” to the more electronic beats of “Donde Muere El Amor,” to the acoustic “Diciembre” or “Encontrarte de Nuevo,” “Otro Destino” offers 13 tracks that present the best of David Eraya. Each song is based on real stories from David’s life experiences; stories of love, hate, and the complexities of today’s social issues. David wants his music to reach across the globe, from America to Europe to Latin America and beyond.

David is a very kind and compassionate person.  He is an animal lover, and his dog, Brian, is truly a part of his family. He does his part to protect animal rights, and has opted for an animal free diet.  He is an advocate for healthy living, and enjoys the gym and yoga classes.

David says, “It’s important to fight for what you believe in and what you want to do. For me, that means traveling to every corner of the world to play my music for people from all walks of life. My dreams have become a necessity for me to fulfill!”

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